"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
-Henry Ford

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Our Board and Committee Members 2019/2020


Board President  Dave N.
Past President  Jeremy B.
Vice President  James S.
Treasurer  Jamal B.
Secretary  Nicole L.
Fundraising Chair  Sonia B. & Sylvia H.
Liaison  VACANT
Bingo Coordinator  Laura M.
Casino Coordinator  VACANT
Cleaning Coordinator  Sylvia H.
Newsletter  Melissa C.
Social Committee AM  Melissa C., Angela N., Laura M.
Social Committee PM  Vivian P.
Scheduling AM  Stacey B.
Scheduling PM  Nicole N.
Yearbook AM  Melissa C. Stacey B.
Yearbook PM  Nicole L., Amy W.
Scholastic Coordinator  Angela N.
Laundry/Paper & Bottle recycling  Eloise A. & Ulana I.
Maintenance/Storage & Set Up  
Gym Equipment Transport Committee AM & PM