Shannon M

When we registered our first child with LCDS in 1994, we were impressed by the teacher who was so friendly and in control of the classroom environment.  There were fun activities set out for the children to play with, students were engaged in what they were learning and parents were always welcome to volunteer in the classroom and be a part of the program.  The classroom routine was well structured and allowed my child to feel safe and comfortable while having fun.  We returned with our second child in 1999, the program had a new teacher and we enjoyed the new ideas and style she brought to the program.  Our third child began in 2003 and as we had been with the program for so long, I took an active role on the LCDS Board of Directors.  I continued to volunteer for LCDS long after my children left the preschool and eventually accepted a position with the program.  LCDS continues to provide the same quality program it has since our first child began in 1994 and continues to change and adapt with the needs of it’s students and members in order to provide a superior early childhood program.

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