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Kool-Aid Play Dough




4-5 cups flour
4 pkgs Kool-Aid (not grape or lemonade)
1 cup salt
6 Tbsp. oil
4 cups boiling water




Whisk together dry ingredients.
Add wet ingredients and stir until cool enough to knead.
Knead completely until cool.
Store in a sealed container or Ziploc bag in the fridge.



Our Staff

Our Teacher:



Michell Fung

I was born and raised here in Edmonton.  I grew up on the north side of Edmonton and now currently live on the south side with my husband Neil and my cat and dog. I have two degrees. My first degree is in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. My second degree is in Elementary Education. I have worked with children in a various number of places such as the women’s shelter, YMCA day cares and have taught in a couple of Head Start programs.  One of my hobbies is singing. I have sung in a mixed community choir for 6 years. Your children will learn many new songs and dances.   I really love working with children and families.  I love seeing the growth and development of all children.


Our Educational Assistants:



Corina Michetti

Ms. Corina is a former parent of LCDS. Her children have graduated from LCDS and are working their way through School. Ms. Corina works with children in the classroom who receive educational support services. Ms. Corina enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.



Tammy Beebe

Ms. Tammy joins us this year as an Educational Assistant in our classroom.  She has a good background in this area and will be a wonderful addition to our classroom.
Ms. Tammy likes working with children and seeing the changes in their growth and development.  Ms. Tammy also enjoys spending time with her family and their dog.

Our Executive Director:

Shannon Music

Miss Shannon is the LCDS Executive Director.  Shannon is a former LCDS parent and former Board Member. Miss Shannon has 3 children who graduated from LCDS and are now graduating from Post Secondary school and are starting their own lives.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, family and with her little West Highland Terrier Ben.  

Our Business Manager:

Carmen Briggs

Miss Carmen is our Business Manager.  Carmen is a former LCDS parent and former Board member. Carmen enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband, two sons and her little Yorkshire Terrier Mazey.