Educational Support

Educational support such as English as a Second Language, Mild/Moderate Speech & Language support for children aged 3yrs 8 months on Sept 1st or Program Unit Funding (PUF) support for children 3 years and older (which includes access to specialists in Speech & Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and other services as needed) may be available to LCDS students who qualify for funding through Alberta Education.


The LCDS program is not a designated Special Education ECS Program and is only able to offer educational support where the LCDS program has sufficient resources available to support the needs of the prospective registering child.  Resources may include but are not limited to qualified staff trained in the specific child’s developmental support needs, specialized equipment, available funds, etc.  If LCDS cannot support a specific child’s development needs we will try our best to assist the family in finding another program which would be better suited in supporting the child’s developmental requirements.


LCDS is limited in the number of registration spots available to receive Educational Support. Two (2) PUF spots are reserved each year for children who may have severe to moderate Speech and Language development delays or a combination of support needs. One spot is held in the AM class and one spot is held in the PM class.

Registration priority for these placements is given to students currently enrolled in the LCDS program, their siblings, and previous members; new applicants may submit their registration for review when open spots are available. Please contact the school directly if you think your child may require educational support.


**Due to the high number of inquiries for Educational Support, all new applications will be subject to random draw; there are no guarantees for placement.

Choice of attendance days may be limited to the availability at the time of registration and the availability of support staff and specialists on certain days.


Registration Requirements For Learning Support

If your child is not enrolled at LCDS, and you have concerns with your child’s speech, you may contact the Alberta Health Services Preschool Speech and Language Intake line at 780-408-8793.

Children attending Kindergarten who are not enrolled at LCDS may contact their child’s school Speech-Language Pathologist or Principal to arrange an assessment.



Try the websites below for additional general information on communication development in children.

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