[vc_row][vc_column][stm_title page_title_enable=”true” title_margin_b=”26px”][/stm_title][vc_column_text]LCDS follows a “Learning through Play” format with a structured daily routine. We follow the Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Regulation and the Alberta Education Curriculum for Kindergarten.

Half-day Program – General Guidelines

Self Directed Activities – Free Play is provided at the beginning and end of class

  • Art Centre: provides opportunities for painting, pasting, drawing, coloring and creative development.
  • Writing Centre: provides opportunities to practice writing skills, name recognition, coloring, themed worksheets target curriculum goals.
  • Block Centre: provides opportunities for large and small motor activities with blocks.
  • Manipulative Centre: activities with puzzles, small blocks, trains, small building materials, board games, provides opportunities for developing fine motor skills, problem solving, classification, patterning, ordering and observation skills, language and vocabulary and social skills.
  • Reading Centre: selection of themed books for independent reading. Provides an opportunity for early literacy development, letter recognition, story telling, sight reading and art appreciation.
  • Dramatic Play Centre (Playhouse) provides opportunities for constructive imaginative play and dress up, an awareness of community helpers, development of social skills, language and vocabulary.
  • Sandbox/Water table: a sensory experience involving measurement and investigation, early math and science introduction.
  • Indoor or Outdoor physical activity is scheduled throughout the year.

Snack/Conversation Time

  • Children are seated together to stimulate conversation.
  • The parent helper provides the daily snack. Snack follows the Canada Dietary Guidelines and regulations set forth by Alberta Health and Alberta Early Learning and Child Care. Snacks include a variety of vegetables, fruits, sandwiches, muffins, cheese and grains.

Teacher Directed Activities/Circle Time

  • Kindergarten curriculum concepts are presented throughout the duration of class and Circle Time.
  • Visual, auditory and communication skills are developed through small group conversations and activities with the teachers.
  • Math, science, language arts, and social studies and other topics of interest are presented to the children daily. Through a series of planned activities, the children acquire information about the world around them.
  • Storytime develops imagination, art appreciation and a love of reading.
  • Songs and movement games develop vocabulary, problem solving, large motor, and listening skills.
  • Daily project promotes fine motor skills, listening skills, following directions, language and vocabulary development and creativity.


  • Responsibility for putting away toys and equipment will be largely the children’s.

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