Our Board and Committee Members 2021-2022

Board President

Past President

Vice President



Fundraising Chair


Bingo Coordinator

Casino Coordinator

Cleaning Coordinator


Social Committee AM

Social Committee PM

Scheduling AM

Scheduling PM

Yearbook AM

Yearbook PM



Bottle Recycling

Maintenance & Storage

Norma H.

Dan. L

Janelle G.

Joe S.

Jessica R.

Summer H. & Megan W.

Aman P-G

Victoria P. & Holly D.

Corey H.

Summer H.

Elaine L.

Deborah A., Norma H.

Melissa A., Mary Ann M.

Stacey B.

Melissa A.

Megan W.

Mayren M-P

Shirley M.

Megan W., Summer H., Melissa S.

Jeremy B.


Board President: Dave N.

Past President: Jeremy B.

Vice President: James S.

Treasurer: Jamal B.

Secretary: Nicole L.

Fundraising Chair: Sonia B. & Sylvia H.

Liaison: VACANT

Bingo Coordinator: Laura M.

Casino Coordinator: VACANT

Cleaning Coordinator: Sylvia H.

Newsletter: Melissa C.

Social Committee AM: Melissa C., Angela N., Laura M.

Social Committee PM: Vivian P.

Scheduling AM: Stacey B.

Scheduling PM: Nicole N.

Yearbook AM: Melissa C., Stacey B.

Yearbook PM: Nicole L., Amy W.

Scholastic Coordinator: Angela N.

Laundry/Paper & Bottle Recycling: Eloise A & Ulana I

Maintenance/Storage &  Set Up: VACANT

Gym Equipment Transport Committee AM & PM: VACANT

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