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Gym Equipment Transportation Committee

About 3-4 volunteers are needed from each class to assist in transporting gym equipment to and from the location for Gym Day field trips. Assists in transporting gym equipment to and from the location for Gym Day field trips. AM parents will pick up the equipment from the school and take to the Hall. PM parents will take the equipment back to the school and put away in the shed.

Maintenance & Storage Committee

Assists with minor repairs and enhancements in the classroom not requiring specialized equipment or training. Coordinates extra volunteers if needed for a particular job. Example: Fixing cabinet door handles, minor painting, etc. May also be involved in coordinating activities with contracted trades or professionals. Assist with moving large or heavy items from or to storage. Assists and coordinates snow removal if needed.

AM & PM Parent Helper Schedulers

Coordinates with the Executive Director each month to prepare the monthly Parent Helper schedule.

AM & PM Yearbook Committee (2 volunteers from each class)

Co-ordinates, compiles, and creates a digitally printed Yearbook for all children attending LCDS using school laptop and program.


Advertises the Scholastic Book Club in the monthly newsletter, and distributes any paper flyers to members. Assists with entering new acquisitions to the school Library system and shelves library books as needed (once or twice a month).


Collects the classroom laundry once or twice per week and returns it washed and folded; assist in putting it away in the classroom or janitorial room. One or a few volunteers are welcome.

Bottle recycling

Collects the classroom bottles and takes them to the bottle depot as needed and returns the deposit money with receipt to the office.

Garbage Disposal

Collects the daily garbage from the classroom and office and takes outside to the large garbage dumpster. One or a few volunteers are welcome.[/vc_column_text][stm_single_image img_id=”5359″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row]