Preschool Fees

Society Membership and Administration Fee:

non-refundable $100 Society Membership and Administration fee is submitted with your child’s registration (The membership fee is PER FAMILY if you are registering more than one child). This cheque will be dated with the same date as the day your child’s registration form is accepted.

Preschool Fees:     Payment Options
  • Monthly fees are $170 for 2 days per week per month and $255 for 3 days per week per month(Extra Days add $85/month/extra day added.)
Registration Commitment Deposit Cheques:     Registration Commitments

Each family will submit a deposit cheque with their child’s registration form to ensure fulfillment of the following registration commitments:  

  • 1 Bingo Cash Deposit – 1 Cash payment of $200.00 (cash or EMT) (PER CHILD). Upon completion of the 2nd Bingo Commitment your cash deposit will be returned. (Each family is required to work 2 Bingo shifts)
  • 1 Classroom Cleaning Deposit Cheque, $50.00 (PER CHILD) (undated) (Each family is required to work 1 classroom cleaning night)
  • 1 Casino Deposit Cheque, $200.00 (PER FAMILY) (undated) (Only required on a Casino year)
  • LCDS families have chosen to submit a one-time family fundraising fee of $300.00 per school year instead of doing fundraising events. This payment may be paid in 2 payments, $150.00 in September and $150.00 in January. A Donation Tax receipt in the amount of $300.00 will be issued for this fee. Please see Fundraising  for more options. 

**Deposit cheques are not cashed unless the member fails to meet their scheduled commitments. 

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